The exceptional use of glass and light throughout the home invite the gorgeous landscape and unparalleled views of the surrounding environment into the interior spaces, blurring any lines between in and out. Whether you are hosting a daylight or evening event, these sweeping spaces provide a notable milieu for birthday parties and soirées alike. The original design of this home included especially child-friendly ideas and spaces, and many of these were retained in its re-design. As children encounter these distinctive areas, they will be elated to discover elements of this home crafted particularly for them! From windows overlooking the outdoors and interior living spaces to the cool refuge of a cave in view of the kitchen window, this home provides children the opportunity and inspiration to explore, discover and imagine!


Resort Living

This residence affords the rare opportunity to experience island resort-quality living in the convenience of your own home. Luxurious amenities and exquisite architecture encourage you to experience and pursue your passions in life, yet always find a place of rest at home. 



The Caves

Mr. Wozniak commissioned the San Francisco Academy of Sciences to create a create a remarkably authentic-looking set of limestone caves that feature dinosaur footprints, stalactites, stalagmites, embedded gemstones, mineral shells and other fossilized materials in the limestone strata. The caves are located adjacent to the pool and side-yard patio, and just outside the dining room window. With a window view up into the Koi pond from inside the caves and a variable lighting system, the caves also offer a complete audio/video entertainment center for enjoyment by any and all cave dwellers.

caves and grounds



This is truly a masterpiece of a home. Every element has been meticulously designed and carefully crafted, making the structure itself (and its surrounding landscape) a work of art.

espresso room