Entry and Living Areas

The 20 foot high foyer features enormous dual opaque glass doors (“The Garden Gate”) framed by clear glass pillars and crown. A gorgeous stone sculpture and water feature designed by David Middlebrook highlight the foyer. As you look left through the dining room, you will see the limestone caves, rock formation, waterfalls and gardens. Vistas of the Santa Cruz Mountain loom on your right as you move into the living room, transporting you through the Garden Gate and into the Garden


LIVING ROOM: The exceptional use of glass and light throughout the home invite the gorgeous landscape and unparalleled views of the surrounding environment into the interior spaces, blurring any lines between in and out. Whether you are hosting a daylight or evening event, these sweeping spaces provide a notable milieu for birthday parties and soirées alike.


CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY COMPLEX: Mr. Wozniak’s  personal stamp is obvious throughout the home. The 500 square foot Children's Discovery Complex is a collection of rooms on multiple levels that serve as an interior children's playground, complete with separate bedroom, fireman's pole, stairs, skylights, portholes, ladders, slides and more – it's a delightful place for children of all ages.


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